Lizardman. “The X-Files” (1993 – ...)

An unusual creature was shown in the third episode of the 10th season of "The X-Files" series, it is able to turn from a person into a monster (lizard) and back, that's why the creature has a conventional name Lizardman a very strange werewolf. Werewolves are transformed not only into wolves, but also into the most unusual animals, such as ponies.

Despite its terrible and formidable appearance, Guy Mann (pseudonym of a lizard creature) is a completely non-aggressive and harmless creature, with a very humane philosophy (compared to him, human is a real animal). The origin of Lizardman has a comical character he was an ordinary prehistoric lizard of enormous size, until it was bitten by a man in the forests of Oregon, where the peaceful animal had a quiet life (the man also killed 4 people during the attack).

The next morning the creature woke up in human form, now when the moon is full he will return to his real nature. In the meantime, Lizardman has to have a human life: to go to unloved work in electronics store and take a pet, as a rescue from loneliness. When the creature is fed up with such a life, he decides to go into hibernation for 10,000 years it is better to sleep all this time in stasis than to be human.