Understanding how Monsters in the Rampage Work

It is through the use of creative imagination that one actually tends to get the best out of every process. Considering a field where creativity is amply required, say, for instance, movies, the more creative one’s work, the better it can reach out to. With that thought in mind, we are going to look at one such movie, by the name of Rampage. Rampage is also associated with a game to it and that is, in fact, how it came to be produced as a movie, and today, we will look into detail into these two.


Ralph (werewolf)

What is Rampage all about?

  • If one is either familiar with the game series Rampage or the movie Rampage, one can pretty much have an idea of what the whole thing is about.
  • Let us start with the Game Series Rampage as we know that the movie is based on it. Rampage first came out in the mid-80s as an arcade game series which became an instant hit.
  • The game is followed up by 3 Monsters by the names of George, a gorilla, Lizzie, a lizard and Ralph, a werewolf.
  • The common factor with the three of them is that they were all human and they were transformed into these Giant creatures because of different reasons.
  • George transformed after taking a vitamin of some sort, followed by Lizzie who transformed due to a radioactive lake and Ralph, due to a food additive.
  • Their objective is to simply ruin all the buildings that they come across and the game progresses by destroying each city to its maximum.
  • While this is the background for the game, the movie decided to take it one step higher with a few differences.
  • It starts with certain pathogens being spread across the United States where it reaches George, the Gorilla, Lizzie and Ralph. Lizzie is, however, a crocodile and not a lizard as depicted in the game and Ralph is a grey wolf and not a blue one as depicted in the game.
  • While the game focuses on wreaking havoc all over the place, the movie also starts with a similar note with all these Giant Monsters doing the same.
  • The difference is that George is befriended by a human friend and somehow, George is brought down from its Giant form to its regular size and George helps the others to kill Lizzie and Ralph instead of killing each and every city across the state as depicted in the game.
  • These are the differences involved in the game and the movie and it can be understood why the movie was made different as it needed to have a good story and ending rather than just pure chaos.

Lizzie (lizard)

Insights on Rampage

Rampage certainly for all the fans of the game series, a highly enjoyable movie, for it depicts their favorite characters and lets them watch it with pure enlightenment. The differences involved between the two certainly makes it all the more interesting and also something to be looked out for, in the end!