Freddy Krueger Won’t Allow You to Sleep Tight

The antagonist of “Nightmare on Elm Street,” Freddy Krueger, belongs to the category of the most popular fictional villains characterized by the lack of mercy.

This serial killer invented by Wes Craven and portrayed by Robert Englund murders people in their dreams. If a person dies in his sleep, he / she passes away in reality. The distinctive features of the hero’s appearance include a sweater with red and green stripes, a metal-clawed glove, a hat of a brown color, and numerous burns on his body. The makeup artist working on the second part of the series decided to make his nose pointed for the evil character to look like a male witch.

Freddy has power to enter dreams of teenagers living on Elm Street located in Springwood and to kill them in ingenious ways. As a rule, he commits brutal murders with the help of his clawed glove and manipulates desires and fears of his victims. Thus, Debbie, a character from the fourth movie of the series, has an aversion for insects and pays the price for her hatred when Krueger turns the girl into a black beetle and crushes her. Another example is Jennifer from the third film who has a dream to become a successful actress. The killer helps her to appear on TV in the literal sense of this expression by smashing her face against the screen.

In the dream world, Freddy Krueger is endowed with telekinetic powers and the ability to regenerate the body parts he has lost and even change his shape, that’s why it is almost impossible to murder him there. In reality, the maniac shreds teens with his metal-clawed glove and can hold out against attacks no human being can withstand. When the villain is dragged out of the dream world, it is easier to kill him because he becomes mortal. Krueger’s weak point consists in the fact that he is unable to do any harm if nobody remembers him in Springwood and he seems to be afraid of fire and his own reflection in the mirror.

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