White Walkers. The Game of Thrones (2011 –…)

White Walkers are one of the races that inhabit Westeros, where the main events of "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George Martin, were realized on the screen in the series called "The Game of Thrones".

For a long time, White Walkers (or Others) were considered to be just a myth, characters of fairy tales that frightened children. According to legends, last time people had to face them eight thousand years before Robert's rebellion during the winter, lasting a whole generation, called in legends the Long night. A bloody war, during which thousands of walkers were killing people, swelling the numbers of reanimated corpses, was called the War for the Dawn and ended in people’s victory. The walkers were pushed far to the north, and Brand the Builder from House Stark erected the wall to protect against them, where he serves the Night Watch, the order of men who renounced worldly goods and put on black to become a "shield that protects the people's kingdom."

Shortly before the War of the Five Kings, the myth became a reality – the wild, later brothers of the Night's Watch faced the others.

The Game of Thrones

Walkers look like people, but taller, with pale, dry skin, white hair and bright blue eyes. In his books George Martin described the others dressed in metal glowing armor, which allowed them to disguise themselves in snow, but in the series they initially appear almost without clothes, and later we see usual leather armor on them.

Walkers are much stronger than common people, their touch can turn into ice. Their weapons are ice swords that can destroy ordinary steel. Only a Valyrian steel sword and a dragon's glass can hit a walker. The arrival of the others is always accompanied by strong cooling and snow storm. But it is not the physical strength of the walkers that scares the living, but their magic to reanimate the dead, including people. All the soldiers who gave their life in a battle with the others become wights – reanimated corpses, unquestioningly following the orders of their masters. If babies fall into the hands of walkers, they are transformed by magic into the new others (it was shown in the series how a newborn boy sacrificed by Craster becomes a new White Walker).

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White Walkers put the bodies of the dead in a spiral pattern. The purpose of the ritual remains unknown. Perhaps they do this in memory of how the children of the forest turned a captured man into the first White Walker in a spiral of stones, in the center of which there was a weirwood tree. This person is the Night King – the other with ice-like appendages on his head, resembling a crown, capable of turning hundreds of dead people into wights overnight, all walkers and their armies of zombies carry out his orders.

With the help of a dragon-glass blade plunged into a human heart, the Children of the Forest created a terrible power to protect themselves from the first people, but they had to unite with their enemies, as white walkers became a danger to all living beings. Pushing the others to the north, the Children of the Forest strengthened the Wall with magic, hoping that it will hold back the evil and prevent it from breaking into the lands of the living.