Film Review: “Alien Blood” (1999)

On New Year's Eve 1999, a woman and her daughter are being chased across England by a band of assassins. The threatened duo are forced to break into a mysterious house to survive, where strange things happen. An offbeat vampire/ alien movie, featuring sex and bloodshed, and inspired by The X-Files.


Troma’s first ever-apparent British pick-up begins with the last day of the twentieth century as a woman named Helene (Francesca Manning) murders a supposed assassin dressed as a waiter. The reason is to defend for her daughter, Monique (Rebecca Stirling), seeing that the two are known for being full alien blooded. Without wasting anytime, Helene and her daughter embark on traveling through rural England for a safe place to reside knowing that the white masked assassin’s are bound to return.

As they push themselves in the course of the middle of nowhere without food or water, they soon meet up with their hunter Jovet (Glyn Whiteside) and his hired gun’s once again. This time barely making it out alive. But soon after their attempt to escape, Jovet is hot on their trail once more. At the time where they become extremely distressed, the two force an entry inside an accommodation, which is owned by several welcoming vampires. Well, at least I thought they were seemingly friendly enough to help out.

Once Helene and Monique make it inside the household, they’re greeted by a woman named Elizabeth (Penelope Dudley), who happens to be the leader of the vampires. However, we find out that Helene and her daughter are both French, making it difficult to translate. They soon overcome the problem and plan out how they can help the couple out. Unfortunately, Jovet closes in on Helene and her daughter making it a blood-spattered battle between the vampires and heartless killers. But with Monique in a great state of danger, Helene teams up with the vampires to destroy the force of Jovet. With time diminishing quite rapidly, will Helene and the vampires rein the victors in this all out confrontation between good and evil?

My Comments

I honestly cannot believe why Jon Sorensen, director, actually had the nerve to generate such a film like Alien Blood. It totally made no cense and left me confused throughout the duration of the feature. The concept of aliens and vampires was just not my thing. I’m still wondering why Troma Entertainment went through the process of adding this to their huge collection of releases. I guess that’s Troma for yah! They can produce some enjoyable material and infrequently some bad. Keeping this movie alive in ratings was very hard for me. Their CGI effects were pretty decent along with the gore, which was amazingly outstanding. But everything else was downright disappointing and unpleasant. From the numerous reviews I read about how great the film was, I just couldn’t believe that. That’s actually what made hunt this down to prove others wrong. There’s not much more I can add other than this film was one of the lowest out of the Troma library. If I were you, stick with your basic Troma releases because those are definitely much more virtuous and entertaining!