Movie Review: “Blind” (2004)

Imagine going out on a blind date and finding out your date is a vampire? Would that ruin your night? Would you still make a move on her? Is a vampire even capable of giving head without using her teeth?

Now, imagine being a vampire and going out on a blind date only to find out your date may or may not be a serial killer? Do you drop fang on him before he asks to come in for coffee? Do you risk becoming another brick in his wall despite the whole immortality thing?

These questions and more could be asked about Kristoffer Aaron Morgan’s short horror film, Blind, but I think the biggest questions viewers will be asking are, “When will we see the feature length film?” and “How in the Hell did you snag K.N.B. EFX for your short film?”

Vesser Lomou (Aaron Chandler) is a bit…strange. We’re first introduced to Vesser after he walks into his apartment drenched in blood. He opens his hand to reveal a ring which he casually sets amongst a small collection of rings, bracelets and charms. By this time most will draw the conclusion that something just isn’t right with Vesser! Serial Killer? Stalker? Wacko?

The silence in Vesser’s place is interrupted by the sound of the phone and answering machine. Seems Vesser’s buddy Sam Campbell (Neil Cook) and his wife, Anne (Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Heather Kafka) have set Vesser up on a blind date with a girl named, Angela Rosfe (Marta McGonagle). Vesser agrees and it’s on!

We later drop in on the double date and Vesser appears to be having a decent time getting to know Angela. Before you know it, the night has come to an end and everybody says their goodbyes. Vesser agrees to walk Angela back to her home and they hit the alley.

Vesser and Angela stop in the alley to exchange words and before you know it they’re engaged in a full blown brawl…WITH EACH OTHER!

Fangs, fists, feet and wooden stakes fly and only one will walk away from this back alley stomp!

Well, what a cool little short film! It had action, hotties, bad asses, blood, a vampire and a hilarious FX gag with a broken beer bottle! Yes, this was quite fun.

Lemme go ahead and touch on the positives and negatives of Blind.

For starters, it was an original twist on an otherwise played out sub-genre. Really, the whole vampire/vampire hunter thing has reached its absolute limit. The sub-genre is damn near tapped out. Morgan does a good job of tossing in a twist though and it works quite well.

The FX was wonderful for a low budget indie horror short. The vampire looked great and there was just enough blood to put a smile on the faces of gorehounds.

The acting in Blind was also quite good.

Now, the negative.

Aaron Chandler’s acting was stiff. At first I was prepared to just chalk it up to a stern character but some of the acting from Chandler was simply wooden.

Another thing I noticed was the lack of solid fight choreographing. The big fight scene felt weak. There was really no explosive action here; just careful punches and kicks. It felt like two kids Power Rangering each other for a camera.

So, there you have it. Blind did fall short in some areas but, for the most part, shines quite brightly. It was fun and original. I could definitely see a feature length spinning off from this short.

Be sure to check out Southpaw Films for Blind and their future projects!

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