Colors: Orange Color

The gimmick mini-series show horror thriller/mystery Harper’s Island, created by Ari Schlossberg fits perfect in the bargain-budget range of shows; with William Castle and Mark Burnett, a the horror movie review would rather describe it as a mix of best traditions from Lois Duncan’s ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ and some other genre powerhouses.

Those who have arachnophobia will get scared to death with the upcoming horror movie of Mike Mendez titled “Big Ass Spider.” At least, it will try to scare you, as this mixture of action and scary film is also full of sparkling humor which will make everyone roll with laughter from time to time. The combination is surely worth watching and mentioning among other horror movies reviews. Be ready to see characters from the previous part of this film.

In an effort to purge himself of the terrible events he experienced in southeast Asia, a professional writer begins work on a semi-autobiographical novel. However, instead of the results he expected, he finds himself giving way to a neurotic frenzy which is somehow related to a nightmarish house.