Colors: Orange Color

This sequel to The Mangler explores the possible terrifying side of virtual reality. Scientist at Royal Collegiate College program an unbeatable virtual reality demon to protect the students from invaders and harm. But a ghost in the machine causes this virtual protector to turn into the students' worst nightmare--an invincible, evil killer.

There is war in heaven when Archangel Gabriel leads a revolt to unseat the usurpers of God's chosen: mankind. But when a homicide investigation takes a turn for the Biblical, a cop and a school teacher learn that they are not just dealing with a string of mysteriously mutilated bodies, but with saving the Earth from becoming a suburb of Hell.

Bobby, a 16-year-old loner, has been emotionally scarred by his mother's early death and a strict Catholic upbringing. The accidental death of a nun triggers a chain of supernatural events and violent chaos that leads Bobby into Hell to confront his mom.