Colors: Orange Color

A covert U.S. paramilitary unit fights a powerful supercomputer that is out of control; in addition, hundreds of scientists have mutated into flesh-eating creatures due to a laboratory accident. To save the world, the mission will be perilous--but absolutely neccessary.

After her father's death a trouble young woman travels to the isolated monastery he had mysteriously funded. Once there she uncovers a strange order of nuns, who turn out to serve a different master. An Argento-style horror movie from Italy.

A cowardly soldier (Pearce) is stationed at an isolated military outpost with a bunch of misfits in Sierra Nevada following the Mexican-American War in 1847. When a dazed survivor (Carlyle) of an unfortunate expedition shows up at the outpost, it isn't long before he reveals himself to be a murderous madman with a taste for human flesh.

Have you ever wanted to make a low budget movie? Well what horror movie fan wouldn’t want to! In The Dead Hate The Living a group of young filmmakers do just that. In order to keep the budget low enough to get the movie done these young aspiring stars decide to break into an old abandoned hospital to get a realistic feel to the film.