Colors: Orange Color

A suspense thriller about a gloved and masked murderer who preys on gorgeous fashion models. One of the models keeps a diary of the forbidden love affairs and recreational drug smuggling that takes place at a swanky fashion salon where she works, and the murderer is willing to do whatever it takes to silence whomever reads it.

Tommy Jarvis (Thom Matthews), the boy who killed Crystal Lake murderer Jason Vorhees, is now grown. Jason is still dead, but Tommy, recently released from a mental health facility, needs to see proof. When he exhumes Jasons body to get a closer look, a series of events causes the masked killer to be reanimated, only to go on the rampage again!

An often overlooked but accomplished giallo (Italian detective story) from the macabre mind of Italian director Fulci. After several small boys are found murdered in a small town, a journalist goes in search of the killer. Even in a town steeped in ancient superstitions and suspicion, the twisted motives of the murderer are more shocking than anyone could have ever imagined.

Horror stories and urban legends have been a popular thing among Americans. The current sensation is the internet Creepypastas. Some of them found their way into the popular American show called Channel Zero. Currently, three seasons of the show are out, and it also got renewed for the 4th season to be aired in 2019.

To call ‘Bloody Homecoming’ a pastiche feels like a kindness but considering director Brian C.Weed seems to be aiming for self-aware, parody  said description may not be taken as such. It throws a handful of Glee rejects, including M Night Shyamalan in his best Big Bang Theory get up, through the well-worn conventions of the typical 80s teen slashathon.

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