Colors: Orange Color

If you've been even a little interested in cinema during the last few years, one thing that you will notice is the prevalence of Japanese horror. Japanese horror movies are making their way into the American viewing audience's attention and if you've watched any, you'll notice that Japanese horror sends a different chill up your spine than American horror does.

The plot of “Solo” (2013) is focused on Gillian, a teenage girl who wants to rehabilitate from a misfortune in her family. She thinks that the best way to achieve her aim is to start working as a counselor at a summer camp located on a desolate island that can’t help impressing with its fabulous nature.

Sci-fi is a particularly high level of conventionality, the distinctive characteristic of which is that the action that takes place, characters, entourage of a film are unreal, incomparable to anything, fundamentally different from our everyday life, and all this is done by directors either to achieve specific tasks in the artistic plan or for entertainment of viewers. In other words, sci-fi is something that does not exist in reality.

Zombies have been a recurring thing in many TV series. But no one ever thought that it could be a premise for a comedy-drama as well. But iZombie proved them wrong. Both critics and its viewers have highly rated the show. It currently has a rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show was first introduced in 2015, and it is currently in its 4th season.