Mera. “Justice League” (2017)

In "Justice League"(2017), fans of the filmed comic books published by DC Comics first saw the image of superhero Mera. Despite a small episodic role, we must admit that actress Amber Heard coped with her role. She showed a beautiful powerful woman – a real queen of Atlantis.

Mera comes from Dimension Aqua. Once upon a time, after a bloody civil war family members of an ancient faction of Atlantis were sent to the Underwater World for eternity. Therefore, all residents ofAqua, in principle, can be considered as Atlantean people in exile.

At one time, Mera inherited the throne and became Queen. Supervillain Leron, having seized power by force, wanted to "legitimize" his position as the supreme ruler of Aqua with his marriage to the queen, but she fled to Earth. Leron went in pursuit of his "bride."

The first who the runaway girl met on Earth were Atlantean brothers Aquaman and Aqualad. Trying to save Mera from the persecution, Aquaman comes into conflict with Leron. The insidious villain manages to lure Aquaman into a trap and even for a while to send him to prison, but in the end, Aquaman comes out winning.

Mera officially renounces her title on Aqua in favor of V'Lana – a representative of another influential family on the planet and together with Aquaman goes to Earth to marry him and become the Queen of Atlantis.

Soon the royal couple got Aquababy. But a few years later he will diie, having fallen into the death trap of the supervillain Black Manta. It was very difficult for Mera to go through the death of her child. The situation will be aggravated by the fact that Aquaman often leaves home tasks formed by League of Justice. In Mera’s mind, the idea that the baby was killed primarily because of the fault of her husband will more and more be strengthened.

According to the comic version, very soon Mera, without accepting the death of her son and unable to forgive Aquaman, will want to leave Earth forever. But let's not rash – we will definitely learn something new about the past and future of this royal family from the new "Aquaman" (2018) film.

But now we exactly know that the superhero:

  • can breathe underwater;
  • has superpower to control water flows;
  • is good at hand-to-hand combat techniques and can easily fight for her own hand in a battle with any rival;