Deadpool is a very popular American superhero movie and was released in the year 2016. The movie is based on the marvel comic’s character. It is the 18th series of the X-men. The movie is directed by Tim Miller; Ryan Reynolds is the hero in the movie.

A few people believed in the success of James Gunn's film called "The Guardians of the Galaxy" in the production stage. Despite the fact that the picture came under the strict guidance of comic giant Marvel, a group of little-known characters did not inspire faith in the best. Especially there was concern about Rocket Raccoon. How surprised critics were when he earned stunning fans’ love.

Being an unconditional hit of the film distribution in 2014 "The Guardians of the Galaxy" presented the world with a team of very peculiar characters. The only woman in the motley gang of new heroes was Gamora – smart and strong, the last representative of her race.