Deadpool is a very popular American superhero movie and was released in the year 2016. The movie is based on the marvel comic’s character. It is the 18th series of the X-men. The movie is directed by Tim Miller; Ryan Reynolds is the hero in the movie.

Wade Wilson in the movie hunts down the man who gave him the ability of mutants, but also scarred appearance, as the Deadpool, antihero. Wade is totally different in this movie and there is no resembles to any other X-men series. Will and wolverine is having nothing in common and yet is interesting to see his character.

This is the movie that is packed with the favorite hero along with other well-known characters. This is the movie with more twists and intensities that is still favorite and is going to be favorite for a very long time of fans. It is an antihero movie starring Wade Wilson; have a face that everyone fears. He is sarcastic and hilarious both at the same time making his character so memorable. Deadpool is the name of the character and he is beloved of all due to many reasons.

Wade Wilson in the movie hunts down the man who gave him the ability of mutants

The most lethal weapon of Deadpool is his mouth. Everything is blamed for this from his way of doing things to his humor. He perfectly knows how to get best out of any situation. Of course, heroes not fear anything. He is one anti-hero who impresses everyone even his enemies.

Abilities and powers

Deadpool is having a disfigured face and is having superhuman abilities. He can heal himself through regenerating cells. This also affects his neurons which causes mental instability and psychoses. This is the reason behind his sarcasm. He is also an assassin with marksmanship, skilled swordsmanship and mercenary. He also knows martial arts. He also carries many devices along with him to face any kind of challenge. Deadpool first emerged in the Deadpool comics as a fictional antihero who lacks heroic ideal qualities like morality and idealism. Still he is favorite more than any superhero because of many good things this antihero holds.

Facts about Deadpool

  • Deadpool is one among the few characters that appeared alongside other marvel character.
  • Deadpool is Pansexual.
  • He is having crush on Spiderman to make him his best friend.
  • He is having power to regenerate himself and can heal faster. Because of this ability he regularly donates his organs to the people who need them.
  • He is so powerful that he can come back even he is burnt to ashes and can service even nuclear explosions.
  • He can also survive beheading.
  • This is the character which is having more powerful regenerating capabilities then hulk and wolverine.
  • The only weakness of this character is kittens.
  • He fears cows.
  • He is having common things in his mind like any other common man such as kittens, bacons, porn. 
  • This is one of the greatest hit of the 2016 and the Deadpool 2 is soon to be released.

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