Erik Killmonger. “Black Panther” (2018)

Erik Killmonger (real name Erik Stevens) is a former US Army soldier, a native of Wakanda, a supervillain and the main enemy of the Black Panther.

During the service he became famous for his cruelty, that’s why he got the nickname “Killmonger”. The purpose of his existence is to seize power in Wakanda, and with the help of its technologies to subordinate the rest of the world. These evil plans were supported by his father.

The main feature of Stevens’ nature is a hateful attitude towards injustice (in his understanding), however, Erik always skillfully hides his evident hatred behind relaxed and informal behavior. His attitudes began to change greatly after the death of his father (N'Jobu), who was killed by T'Chaka, his brother and the Black Panther’s father. N'Jobu, under the influence of holy belief that the African continent was once exploited and humiliated by the colonialists, decided, with the help of advanced technology and military power of Wakanda to change the situation: to seize and enslave the rest of the world. Sp T'Chaka had to stop him. This incident completely changed Erik Stevens, a carefree and "quite a good" young man got obsessed with the same ideas as his father.

First, Killmonger began to pursue and destroy organizations that he believed came after Africans, and then he decided to take revenge and seize power in his home country. Now the whole world community is under threat.

Super abilities

Erik Killmonger has a number of super abilities that make him a real supervillain – sly, strong and with great ambitions. Erik is on the peaks of human abilities, he brilliantly knows how to plan combat operations, and his impeccable physical education and fighting skills make him the strongest person on the planet.

Erik Killmonger in the “Black Panther” 

In the "Black Panther" film the supervillain’s story differs from what was told in comic books. The hatred of people, especially the representatives of the "whites", was brought up in Erik also due to the loss: his father, N'Jobu was killed by his brother T'Chaka, but by negligence, however, N'Jobu was still thinking that the colonialists must be responsible for their actions. Then Erik was a careless child, who dreamed to see his native Wakanda together with his father.

After this tragedy, Erik Stevens begins to train hard, gradually improves his fighting skills, kills people in various wars, does everything to bring a day of revenge closer. Now his main goal is to seize power in Wakanda and subordinate all mankind to himself. His plans are terrible, but it is worth noting that the King of Wakanda, T'Chaka developed a hatred for people in him by his act. He could take the child to himself and try to correct a tragic mistake. But now his son, the Black Panther, has to do this.