The Tall Man is the real name of Jebediah Morningside, a former undertaker, born in the 19th century.

Looks like a tall, gray-haired man, always dressed in a black suit. He used to be interested in the connection between the world of the living and the dead. Being diligent in his hobby, he was able to achieve outstanding results – he created a device that allows you to travel through time and distance. Having entered the portal created by him, he got into an unknown world. From there he came back completely another being.

He has a super power: he is able to lift a man or a coffin with one hand without much effort. He also possesses telekinetic abilities, allowing him to control other people and inanimate objects. In some cases, he can turn into other people. He is always surrounded by a huge number of assistants: zombies, all kinds of demons, and even spiteful gnomes, created by him from the excavated corpses, reanimated and deprived of part of the brain. He also uses flying metal spheres (sentinels), inside them there is the brain of dead people and weapons: blades, drills, lasers and circular saws.

The tall man is immortal, in case of death he again comes out of the portal completely ready to continue his henchman’s black deed. Even severed limbs or organs do not die, but become hostile yellow-blooded insects. However, it is still possible to harm him. The monster is sensitive to cold, some sounds temporarily immobilize him.