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Dinosaurs, this term alone created an image of powerful creatures that were living on this earth. These mighty creatures were too big, and there are many movies based on dinosaurs. These movies include one of the most famous series of all time named Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park is the movie which was launched in 1993. It is the American science fiction movie which was directed by Steven Spielberg. Producer of the movie Jurassic Park was Kathleen Kennedy as well as Gerald R. Molen. The movie is related with the 1990 novel.

There is a line between reality, superstition and science; and between this line lie the monsters like Werewolves, dragons and mutants. Are monsters for real or are they a part of our imagination? For this we need to understand what monsters are?

Imagination has always been the greatest asset that creative artists can have. In fact, the more creative they are, the more exuberant does their art become. Today, we are talking about imagination with reference to the Monsters in the Movies that one depicts. We will look into them in detail taking some famous and well-renowned instances over the years just to see the growth of such creatures in time. So let us get it to it without any such further ado.

Many of the horror stories from the 19th Century—and of today, for that matter—play on the theme of science being used, or misused, to discover truths best left unknown. Frankenstein is probably the most famous example of this. The Great God Pan is among the most notable 19th Century stories that build off of this theme. Despite its age, it contains a level of sadism that rivals what’s portrayed in Hellraiser, Saw and other films with heavy torture themes.