Little Known Facts about Michael Myers

Michael Myers is the fictional character from Halloween series of the slasher film and first he appears in the John Carpenter’s Halloween as young boy.

Michael Myers is primary antagonist in all of Halloween films expect Halloween III: season of the witch because it is not having any of characters from preceding 2 films. He made his first appearance in the year of 1978 Halloween and his masked character is credited as “the shape” in first 2 films. Halloween 4 returns to Michel Myers storyline and this movie is released ten years after original. However Halloween 5 and Halloween 6 will follow similar storylines.

Things you know about Michael Myers

If you are looking to know about Michael Myers then you can search it in online. When you surf in online, you can gather unknown facts about Michael Myers such as

⦁ Michael Myers always wears William Shatner Mask
⦁ Totally 6 different kinds of the performers played Michael Myers in original Halloween
⦁ He has cameo in the Halloween III: Season of the witch so you can see him on television in bar scene
⦁ His middle name is Audrey
⦁ Actually he takes place on the Elm street

Debra Hill and John Carpenter is producer on third film in franchise season of the witch but plot could not be related to first two films. But Michael might not appear in this film. Season of the witch is amazing attempt to turn franchise into the anthology which is quiet similar to American horror story. John Carpenter and Debra hill was written first 2 Halloween films that are considered as the universe’s canon. Both the movies have taken in same Halloween night. Halloween resurrection is 8th film in franchise which is chronologically released after H20 and builds on story that is developed. Michael Myers can talk and it is revealed in the year of 1979 novelization of the Halloween. According to the recent studies says that Michael Myers is also known to as “the shape”. If you are a Halloween fans then you might know that Michael is referred to as the shape in original screenplay. Name of the shape is given to Michael Myers whenever he wears the mask. New version of the Michael Myers appears in the Rob zombies’ Halloween and this film might follow basic premise of original film along with maximized focus on Michael’s childhood.

Amazing facts about Michael Myers

In each film, mask is completely different because it has same characteristics like expressionless white latex face and blank. In Halloween II, Michael wears same mask from first Halloween but it might look different in sequel because paint could be faded to different kinds of reasons. Certain scenes might be reshot with the replacement mask which might have long blonde but it is not made brown. Halloween 5: The revenge of Michael Myers in introduced new look to the shape mask. This mask is having features of thick rubber, lengthy light brown hair and tears like eye shape. He made his literary debut in the year of 1979.