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There is a line between reality, superstition and science; and between this line lie the monsters like Werewolves, dragons and mutants. Are monsters for real or are they a part of our imagination? For this we need to understand what monsters are?

Imagination has always been the greatest asset that creative artists can have. In fact, the more creative they are, the more exuberant does their art become. Today, we are talking about imagination with reference to the Monsters in the Movies that one depicts. We will look into them in detail taking some famous and well-renowned instances over the years just to see the growth of such creatures in time. So let us get it to it without any such further ado.

Recently, monsters from TV series have become the most discussed topic among young people. This article will tell you about the most interesting creepy, scary, mystical and horrible beasts that will make your heart beat faster.

The modern cinema is rich in all kinds of fantastic monsters, which the human imagination is only capable of creating. Huge and small, disgusting and terrifying, the sinister beasts can be lurking in wait for the characters in the space, in the depths of the sea, in the impenetrable forests, or just in the city streets. This selection presents the frightening and attention-deserving monsters in the movies of the last decade.

Fans of vampire movies know the refined Lestat (Interview with the Vampire, 1994) and the brutal Blade from the eponymous 1998 film. It is commonly believed that vampires are aristocratic and sexy creatures, and the films about them must be saturated with glum gothical atmosphere. Is the trope always adhered to? What else can the blood-sucking monsters from movies be like? This is what our selection is about.