Monsters and Their Fictional Existence

There is a line between reality, superstition and science; and between this line lie the monsters like Werewolves, dragons and mutants. Are monsters for real or are they a part of our imagination? For this we need to understand what monsters are?

Monster is a term that comes from a Latin word called monstrum, which is used in derogatorily manner for malformed animals, humans or creatures that are of a gigantic size; werewolves, dragons and mutants being one of them. There is no proof for these monsters being there in real but yes they are very much a part of the legends, fictional stories and movies that are made today and were made in the past.

Monsters have been a popular part of a number of fictional stories, legends, ballads and movies for centuries. There are myths related to them, but despite of them not being real or being just a myth there are people who are in awe of them and get scared by just their name. Many ballads in the past have spoken about the monstrous animals and human beings; even today people who are born with deformities are considered to be a monster, which obviously doesn’t mean that they are dangerous. Mummies, zombies, werewolves and vampires are some of the popular fictional monstrous creatures.

Pete’s dragon 2016 — A fantasy movie that is not scary

Monsters in movies

Even when there was the era of silent movies, monsters were the popular characters; there were and there still are friendly monster creatures in the movies, such as shrek and Elmo. What is there in these monster movies that gives one Goosebumps and makes a person terrified to a level that they cannot sleep? Maybe it is the special effects that make these monstrous creatures look real. There have been quite a number of movies in the past that have been solely based on these monsters, and we shall talk about a few today.

  • Pete’s dragon 2016  A fantasy movie that is not scary, in fact it is about a boy and his friendly dragon which can become invisible. It is a kid’s film and shows the friendly relationship between a boy and a dragon after the death of the boy’s parents. In the years that follow Elliot the dragon protects the boy from a number of dangers and finally leaves and gets reunited with the other dragons.
  • The Fly 1986  It is science-fiction movie of 1986, where are a scientist who works on the teleportation; who is working to remove the bug from his system but then a house fly interrupts him because of which one of the experiment goes wrong, which makes him into 6 feet insect. So this movie shows the transformation of a man into a fly.
  • Underworld  This is a 2003 action horror film, which shows the secret war between vampires and lycans which are werewolves. It shows their rivalry and struggle to win over each other.

The fly 1986 — It is science-fiction movie of 1986

So monsters have been part of our lives for centuries, in the form of movies and fictional novels and we can just believe them to be fictional characters.